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As we look back on and the first few months of , you will notice that we have changed the timeframe for this annual report to cover the fiscal year, rather than the calendar year. The world is feeling the impact of digital disruption across many sectors. The rise of entrepreneurship and the shift away from large firms are changing the career paths for our students.

And no country is exempt from the power of and changing nature of globalization. In the education space, technology is reshaping how students learn. The emergence of online or blended learning options at top-tier schools is changing delivery methods. There is an escalating battle for talented students and faculty. Amidst all this change, the School has undertaken a strategic planning process to assess the impact of these disruptions on the Ivey learning experience, the direction of our research and thought leadership, and the ways in which we attract top student and faculty talent.

We need to invest in teaching innovations that build on the Case-Method Learning for which Ivey is known. We also need to examine where we can be the disruptive force; our Ivey Publishing business shows great potential here.

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In March of this year, we announced a partnership with Scotiabank to better understand digital disruption in the fintech space. Change goes better if people feel they have some input into the process. You may be their guide, but they have to pack the bags and haul the load so legitimately being included in the planning process increases momentum. Haphazard or staged, inauthentic-inclusion processes will slow you down — and most likely backfire. When the pace of the change is too fast, people can feel overwhelmed or frightened.

Sonic is Building Momentum on Spotify

At that point, their energy starts to dwindle. If the process is too slow, the boulder rolls down the hill and the task can seem overwhelming. Keeping things moving steadily forward and keeping eyes on the prize will build and maintain momentum. By carefully creating strategies to move everyone past the fear and frustration underlying resistance, you will raise confidence and engagement. Successfully getting through the rough spots can re-energize your team and make the journey worth it.

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Reinforcement is key to building and maintaining momentum. The relapse syndrome is powerful. Psychologists tell us the time it takes to develop a new habit depends on how engrained the old one is. Thus, it is almost always easier to move back into our comfort zones than move forward into the unknown unless we are highly motivated to do whatever it takes to overcome that resistance. Staying focused on reaching the goal with everyone on board helps people overcome resistance. Help people learn from mistakes and breakdowns, but stay focused on recognizing achievements.

JVS Human Services

No one wants or trusts a guide who is too tired, stressed or overburdened. If you are responsible for leading change, start by getting your own house in order. If necessary, do something irrational like taking a longer, truly relaxing vacation at least BEFORE you begin the journey. I strongly advocate bookend vacations with a change process, but then I have learned their power to restore and renew. Find people you trust to help you recognize those times throughout the change process when you have become too frustrated, tired and or discouraged, and let them help you work through it.

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You need support just as your team or organization does. I submit that by taking care of yourself and staying centered, rested and focused, you will be much better able to drive the momentum needed to make the change and get it to stick. Photo courtesy of Sebastiaan ter Burg. Email address:. Momentum in Action All around us, we can see how momentum influences outcomes.

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If they see you falter in your resolve, you and they are in for a very tough time. Paint a compelling picture of what people are moving from and what they are moving toward.

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  • For most, it helps to start with the end in mind. How are we going to get there? Anticipate and plan for ways to work through the natural and inevitable inertia and resistance along the way. Change feels unnatural, so working through the change process requires focus and reinforcement. To do this, you will need to anticipate and prepare for inertia and resistance.

    Acknowledge and celebrate progress along the way. Manage yourself. And then you can really celebrate. Knowledge Wharton. Tags: Change , Communication , leadership , Plan.