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  1. How to Write Superior Sex Scenes: Ignite Your Readers & Burn Them to Ash
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  3. 10 Steamy Sex Scenes from Literature
  4. How to Write Sex

Consider the following sentence:.

Step 2a: Resist the temptation to use genital euphemisms, unless you are trying to be funny. Step 3: Then again, sometimes sex is funny. If one of your characters, in a dire moment of passion, hits a note that sounds eerily like Celine Dion, duly note this. And later on, if his daughter comes home and demands to know where her ponytail holder is, well, so be it. Goddamn it!

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Step 5: Use all the senses. The cool thing about sex—aside from its being, uh, sex—is that it engages all five of our human senses. Give us the scents and the tastes and the sounds of the act. And stay away from the obvious ones. Sex is inherently over the top. Just telling the reader that two or more people are balling will automatically direct us toward the genitals.

It is your job, as an author, to direct us elsewhere, to the more inimitable secrets of the naked body. It took me a few years okay, 20 to realize this, but desire is, in the end, a lot sexier than the actual humping part. Tease the reader a little bit. Let the drama of the seduction prime us for the action. Step 8: Fluid is fun. Sex is sticky. There is no way around this. If you want to represent the truth of the acts, pay homage to the resultant wetnesses. Sesame oil is my current fave, but it changes from week to week.

Step 9: It takes a long time to make a woman come. I speak here from experience. No sale.

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Rarely, in my experience, do men or women announce their orgasms. They simply have them. Their bodies are taken up by sensation and tossed about in various ways. Describe the tossing. Step It is okay to get aroused by your own sex scenes. Remember, part of the intent of a good sex scene is to arouse the reader. Step Contrary to popular belief, people think during sex. The body may race when it comes to sex, but the mind is also working overtime.

How to Write Superior Sex Scenes: Ignite Your Readers & Burn Them to Ash

And just what do people think about? Old lovers.

That new car ad. The thoughts that accompany the act are just as significant more so, actually as the gymnastics. By this, I mean writing about sex as it actually exists, in the real world, as an ecstatic, terrifying, and, above all, deeply emotional process. Real sex is compelling to read about because the participants are so utterly vulnerable. We are all, when the time comes to get naked, terribly excited and frightened and hopeful and doubtful, usually at the same time.

You must love them, wholly and without shame, as they go about their human business. Bonus Step! Step Read the Song of Songs. So you want to put that moment off, while still keeping the reader engaged. There's plenty of things an explicit writer can use for this purpose --sex with the wrong person, sex interrupted, innuendo, transparent symbolism, dirty talk, voyeurism, and so forth. Then, when you're ready to end the story with a bang --so to speak-- pull out all the stops, make it quick, and don't worry if it's cliched.

It's the journey that will be memorable, not the destination. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to write a good sex scene specifically for erotica?

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10 Steamy Sex Scenes from Literature

Amadeus RudeWriter RudeWriter 46 1 1 bronze badge. You might be interested in How to write good erotic scene? I think the question is not really a duplicate, because the genre here is "erotica", so the rules of what's acceptable are different, like a good sex scenes in R-rated and XXX-rated movies. Reddit has discussed this; see the "boots" paragraph at reddit.

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Jul 12 '18 at Alexander I agree, readers of erotica expect more explicit description, including the whole gamut of penetrations and flesh meeting flesh, orgasms, etc. The whole point of their reading is a detailed sex scene that lasts for pages to aid their imagination for either masturbatory or reenactment pleasures. Not some allusion to guess at. This is considerably different than sex in a novel or R-movie, in erotica the specifics of precisely what goes where and actions taken are the whole reason the reader is reading.

Just tell it like it is. GGx GGx 8, 1 1 gold badge 18 18 silver badges 50 50 bronze badges. You've opened my eyes, GG!

How to Write Sex

I was going to write an answer explaining that the best way forward would be to develop good metaphors. But your comment about his, ahem, 'billiard rack' has, thankfully, reined me in. Thanks for the save. Ha ha ha Save yourself, Robert!!! Save yourself!!!! Whatever your choice, the first thing to note is that spelling is paramount. Obviously, your whole book should be as mistake-free as possible, but sexual misspellings can catapult your reader out of your story for good.

Rachel: Okay, now this is just the first chapter, and I want your absolute honest opinion. Some people find accurate terminology too cold, some find slang offensive, and some find metaphors silly. That said, you should also consider the characters. What words would they use? What vocabulary are they likely to employ in that moment? Again, this stems from their agency, desires, and goals. Are they trying to be romantic, steamy, or are they not sure of themselves?

Some people want to be transported by a sex scene, and unexpected vocabulary and events do that for them. Try not to write sex but specific characters having sex. Consider what those people want from the encounter and have them try to get it. Let me know in the comments.

Top 10 Mistakes Romance Writers Make in S E X Scenes

Rob is an editor for Standout Books. He has yet to encounter a bookshop he can walk past, a habit which has become deadly now that you can buy the newest releases digitally at 1am. Thankfully, it also comes in handy for providing the best advice on writing your book. Read more about Rob here. This post is timely. Interesting now that Hollywood is reviving the old Morals Clauses as a over?